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Getting your skin wedding day ready! The basics.

If you’re looking at getting your skin in top top condition for your big day, my first suggestions is always start with the basics. You'll notice such a difference just focusing on using a really good cleanser, vitamin c serum and SPF. Starting with a basic routine will give you something to get used to (and stick to!) and eventually be able to more easily add in other products as you go. This will help prevent it all feeling a bit overwhelming. Cleaning- Cleansing removes make up, excess oils, SPF and anything else that’s made its way onto your skin. It’s also a great of way of adding in additional moisture to your skin if you’re on the dry/dehydrated side. And gives you a nice clean base for the next steps in your routine. Use a clean thick flannel to remove your cleanser. Vitamin C - a good serum can brighten, even out skin tone/texture, reduce pigmentation, and it’s a powerful antioxidant which means it can prevent signs of ageing and UV damage. Sign me up! You can find one that targets your specific skin type (more to come on that in a future post). SPF - you don’t need me to explain this one! Even in the winter, a daily SPF is a must particularly if you’re prone to any type of pigmentation (darker patches of skin). Your future self will thank you for it! Your basic skincare health routine should look something like this: AM:
Cleanse - I like to use a light cream cleanser in the AM
Vitamin C serum
SPF (minimum spf 30 but ideally 50) PM:

Cleanse - I use something a bit heavier/more oily in the evenings
Cleanse again!
Disclaimer - I am not and do not claim to be a qualified dermatologist or aesthetician. My advice and recommendations are purely based on many years experience working with clients and many different skin types. Introducing any new products is done so at your own risk. For any skin conditions I would strongly recommend visiting your GP/dermatologist for advice.


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