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Nude Make Up

1:1 Lessons

Perhaps you've been using the same make up and the same techniques for a long time. Perhaps you feel inspired by new techniques but not sure how to apply them. Perhaps you're not sure what suits you? Then an 1:1 make up lesson with me could be just what you need. 

  • Why should I book a 1:1 lesson?
    Maybe you're feeling bored of your make up routine? Are you uninspired by the products that you use? Do you wonder if you're applying your make up in the best way to suit and highlight your natural beauty and features? A make up lesson could be just what you need! Understanding your own features, knowing your skin type and defining your own style is incredibly powerful. Correctly applied make up, using products that work for you, can make us feel and look more awake, energised, healthy and youthful.
  • How does it work?
    I design bespoke lessons for every client, which are usually on a 1:1 basis but I can deliver to small groups (max 3 people). We usually start with a cup of tea and a chat to help me understand what you'd like to get from the lesson. We'll also use this as an opportunity to look through your make up bag (don't worry, I've seen it all!) and I can advise what products I would rate highly for you. Next, we'll talk through your features and skin type and we'll chat about what results you'd like to achieve or if there are any particular areas you'd like to work on. We'll then work through an agreed make up look together. This can be your every day go to look or it might be for a special occasion. I will demonstrate and talk you through each step of the process on one side of your face and you'll then replicate that on the other side. We'll have lots of discussion about technique and I will share with you my proven tips for getting it right every time. After the session, I'll provide you with a make up guide which details the key steps in your look so you can practice in your own time to build your confidence. This guide will also include a list of products that we've used or that I would recommend for you.
  • How much do 1:1 lessons cost?
    £120 for a bespoke 2 hour 1:1 lesson, with personalised make up guide and shopping list
  • Can I gift someone a make up lesson?
    Yes of course! I supply gift vouchers for my make up lessons. Please get in touch and I can give you all the details to purchase.
“I'd been using the same make up for years and had become bored with my routine. Ellie helped me understand my own features and looked through my make up bag, advising me what to keep. Seeing how she would apply make up to my face was so powerful as I realised that I hadn't been applying things in a way that flattered me the most. The make up guide she gave me has been well used! She also gave me a list of products that would work for my style and budget which saved me the headache of going shopping. I think everyone should have a lesson with Ellie, it is so worth it.


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